Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr.Hawes a licensed physician?

Yes, Dr.Hawes graduated from Bastyr University, an accredited medical university ( for more info.) She is licensed as a primary care provider in Montana and has prescriptive rights, performs annual exams, refers for mammograms/colonoscopys and specialists, performs laboratory tests, and can do minor surgeries.

Does insurance pay for Dr.Hawes?

Yes, alot of the time insurance covers her services very well…we recommend you call your insurance provider and ask them if you can see a “licensed naturopathic physician”. Some insurance plans do exclude NDs but times are a changing….

Are the supplements in our shop allergy free?

Most of our supplements are pharmaceutical grade and made with the highest quality standards of the industry. Most are allergy free (wheat, soy, peanuts, eggs, etc…) unless noted.

Does Dr. Hawes do phone consultations or web-cam appointments?

Arrangements can be made for either type of visit. For prescriptive items, Dr.Hawes must see you “in person” once per year to prescribe legally…but if we use all natural things and/or nutrition, web visits or phone call appointments work.