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NEW PROGRAMS COMING TO THE BALANCE CLINIC! Starting soon, I will be offering a Wellness Program. The program will involve in-depth testing and treatment. I will be doing complete health screens…... READ MORE

    Do you have enough progesterone? Look at this menstrual cycle chart…2 weeks of the month we are supposed to have a LOT of progesterone. As women age, have babies, get stressed, get... READ MORE

What do you FEAR?  Do you fear change? Do you fear pain? Do you fear death? Life? Future? Think about it. I FEAR disappointing others and hurting others feelings. I try to make everyone fucking happy... READ MORE

I just completed a long convention weekend in beautiful Portland. Although the topic was FOOD AS MEDICINE, almost all of the lecturers had another topic in common: GUT HEALTH. Hey guess what? If your ... READ MORE

I see a lot of perimenopausal women in my practice. I am good at fixing hot messes.  What is perimenopause exactly? Well, it is the “time around menopause” by definition. It is the effed... READ MORE