About Dr. Jen

The Dr.Jen community is dedicated to integrative medicine, holistic health information, and numerous related issues. With over seventeen years of medical experience, Dr.Jen is providing you with a complete source for a healthy lifestyle.



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Dr.Jennifer Hawes

Email thebalanceclinic@gmail.com for general questions and Dr.greenbean directly.

Fun facts:

  • Grew up on a farm/ranch in eastern Montana
  • Private practice from 1999 to present in Kalispell, Montana
  • Numerous speaking engagements on health, hormones, wellness, and anti-aging
  • Mission trips–providing medical care to needy areas

About the blog

Dr. Greenbean is an extension of Dr.Jennifer Hawes’ private medical practice. With 10+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Hawes wanted to share what she has learned with all of you!  She has seen what works and what doesn’t on real people with real issues.

In deciding to do this website, Dr. Hawes put in hours of research on the web. What she found was NOTHING….no one-stop site for holistic, integrative health, bio-identical hormone issues, and/or solutions to related issues. She also wants her site and blog to be a community of sharing, learning, and communication for anyone interested.

We hope you find some helpful information and maybe even a possible solution to your issues. The supplements offered are physician only, pharmaceutical grade quality….you can’t just buy those on any site.

We wish you health, happiness, balance, and joy.

Health Problems Covered

  • Hormone imbalances — female, male, thyroid, adrenal…
  • General health questions
  • Weight issues
  • Digestive disorders
  • Disease specifics — autoimmune, diabetes, heart, cancers, other…
  • Nutrition / Supplement regimes
  • Detox / Cleansing

How can we help you solve these issues?

Any health issue can benefit from using integrative medicine! From supplementation, to nutrition plans, to specific nutraceutical treatment Dr. Greenbean offers it all!

Best of all, we can help answer your questions with our information filled site. Check out the blog by Dr.Hawes to learn more!

What are the solutions we offer?

The proper diagnosis of the cause is the solution. Treat the cause with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle plans, cleanses, bio-identical hormone balancing, and other natural health modalities. Sometimes a simple diet plan or cleanse combined with the right supplement plan can easily treat any health issue.

Dr.Greenbean is NOT opposed to conventional medicine but believes it should be used only if necessary to avoid over medicating or treating only symptoms not the CAUSE. The combination of natural and conventional is KEY!